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Clover Chalk Pencils
Four chalk colors in this pack, pink, blue, yellow and white. Sharpener included.

Price: $8.00 

Felted wool pin cushion
Felted cushion sits on a wooden stand for stability. The wool prevents needles and pins from rusting.

Price: $14.00 

Gingher 6" Applique Scissors
Gingher 6" Applique Scissors are perfect for cutting appliques.

Price: $36.00 

Gingher 8" Shears
Gingher 8" Shears are recommended for cutting fabric for a Hawaiian Quilt.

Price: $40.00 

Magnetic Nene Pin Cushion
This could be attached to a metal sewing machine, etc. to anchor the cushion while you are working.

Price: $7.00 

Stork Scissors
Stork Scissors for cutting threads during hand sewing.

Price: $16.00 

Pads are great for sore fingers while you are hand-quilting.

Price: $4.50