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Snack Shack Hot Pads
Sku #: ATK180
My all time kitchen favorite! So simple to sew; just layer, stitch, and cut. These soft and flexible chenille hot pads are 6.5" x 8.5"

Price: $9.50 Each

Sew on the Go
Sku #: TMB176
Sew On The Go by Cindy Taylor Oates features 5 projects that will have you arriving at your sewing class or retreat organized and in style. The 5 projects include: 1. Giant Tote Bag (Project A) 2. Little Zip Pouch (Not labelled, but shown attatched to giant tote strap on front and back covers) 3. Zippered Bag with Pockets (Project B) 4. Tool Organizer (Project C) 5. Ruler Cozy (Project D) The giant tote bag pattern yields a tote that has a pocket large enough to securely hold an 18" x 24" cutting mat. This giant tote will also hold a Sew Steady acrylic table (the kind with removable legs) of the same size. To get a visual idea of the size of this tote, notice the large tote on the front cover image. The bag is draped over the shoulder of a full size/adult mannequin. The Ruler Cozy pattern yields a cover to protect your 6" x 24" acrylic ruler. The little zip pouch is perfect for storing small, important items you want to have quick access to, possibly your ID and a little cash. Additionally, there are two other organizers for thread, rotary cutters and various other supplies. These can double as jewelry or make-up bags. Not in Chains Made in USA

Price: $15.00 Each

Sit & Stitch
Sku #: LB504

Price: $6.00 Each

Thermal Flec Silver Heat Resistant Fabric
Sku #: Therm Flec 103714
Thermal Flec Heat Resistant Fabric

Price: $9.99 per yard

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