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Clover Beading Needles       Clover Beading Needles
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Use this assortment of needles while you are working on a beading project! The thinness of the needles makes them perfect for bead weaving. This package contains three metal needles (one 1-7/8 inch needle, one 2-1/8 inch needle and one 3-5/8 inch needle). Imported.

With Clover Beading Loom you can create gorgeous beaded art, accessories, embellishments and jewelry. The loom adjusts to fit various lengths, change the interval between the warp threads to use assorted bead sizes. Adjustable- from 2.25" to 8 3/8". Instructions are included in English, Deutsch, Francais, and in Espanol. YouTube video Here's a YouTube video

Weave wonderful accessories with Clover's easy to use Beading Loom. The adjustable loom fits various work piece lengths with two warp thread spacing options to accommodate both cylinder and round beads. The loom adjusts from 2 1/4" to 8 3/8"
Beading Loom
Beading Loom 3
Beading loom 2

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