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Washi Tape Stickers Book Kit       Washi Tape Stickers Book Kit
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Kids love washi tape (beautifully decorative paper tape that originated in Japan), but up until now they didn't know quite what to do with it. Washi Tape Stickers is the only book that makes it easy to turn strips of pretty little tape into even prettier little stickers.

The book is filled with pages and pages of traceable art and comes with six beautifully bright colors of washi tape, a stack of special peel- off backing paper, and fine-line felt-tip pen. Simply trace a piece of art on the backing paper and cover it with washi tape. Then cut it out, peel it off, and you've got a perfectly shaped, perfectly adorable sticker. Ages 8 and up. Author: Anne Akers Johnson. Hardcover, 44 pages. Published Year: 2014. ISBN 978-0-545-64776-2. This book contains six colors of washi tape (108 feet), twenty-five sheets of backing paper and one felt tip pen.

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