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BQ5 Maple Island Quilts       BQ5 Maple Island Quilts
Sku #:MIQ825

Big off center focus with a pinwheel or accent splash. The pinwheels are a flat top diagonal which doesn't require matching of sharp points. Use one center fabric or many.

The pattern includes 2 block sizes, 18" with a 12" center or 13.5" with a 9" center, perfect for pre-cuts.

There are 3 quilts in each block size. 18" block: 36" x 36", 54" x 72", 90" x 108"

13.5" block: 27" x 40.5", 40.5" x 54" black/white on cover, 54" x 67.5" black/bright on cover.

Two very different layout options as seen on the cover.

MIQ825 Quilt Pattern BQ5

This is a pattern, not a finished product. Make yours unique using any fabric on this site!

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Price: $9.50 each

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