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Ta-Da Triangles - 2.5" HST
Ta-Da Triangles - 2.5" HST Price: $8.00 each
Perfect Half Square Triangles are a breeze with Ta-Da Triangles pre-printed fusible interfacing.

This package makes 240 Half Square Triangles that finish at 2.5 inches.

We love using the Ta-Da's to help make the triangles in our Purple Reigns Quilt! This package gives you enough for the quilt kit, with plenty to spare for other projects.

From Ta-Da Triangles package:
1. Press on wrong side of fabric
2. Sew two fabrics together on the dotted lines
3. Cut on the solid lines to make purr-fect half square triangles.

The interfacing stays in the triangles. It's so thin you won't even know it's there.

- No add on seam allowance
- No dull needles from paper
- No tearing off paper or tugging on stitches
- No need to draw on fabric


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