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 Welcome to Among Friends Quilt Shop On-line.
Please select a department. Please note that prices are no longer listed by the half yard, but are listed per yard. Fabric may be purchased in fractional quantities with a half yard minimum cut.
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Price: $10.25 each

Basket Case

Price: $8.20 each

Bloom Pattern

Price: $9.25 each

Candy Corn Candle Mat Pattern

Price: $6.15 each


Price: $10.25 each

Charm Party Tote Pattern

Price: $9.25 

Charmed Twister

Price: $9.25 each

Cross It

Price: $12.30 each

Easy Flip and Sew Placemat

Price: $9.25 each

Good Day, Sunshine

Price: $9.25 each

Happy,Scrappy Whoo

Price: $9.25 each


Price: $9.25 each

Lynn's Pins Pattern

Price: $5.75 each

Pencil Box Quilt

Price: $8.75 each

Picture Poetry Pattern

Price: $8.25 
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