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Art & Doll Classes
Take online classes by expert teachers in doll making and embellishment. You don't have to be a member to take a class; they are open to everyone.

King Purr-Sha
20" lion cloth doll
Class starts November 14

Price: $45.00 

Gemini Fairy Twins
Create two fairies with different costumes
Online class with Judy Skeel
Class begins November 7, 2014

Price: $45.00 

Spirit of Christmas Past
14” cloth doll fairy
Designer: Barbara Schoenoff

Price: $45.00 

Madame Mori
Cloth doll online class with Angela Jarecki
Starts October 17, 2014

Price: $55.00 

15” doll, mixed media
Designer: Sherry Goshon

Price: $50.00 

Crow dolls
14” Witch and Steampunk Crow stump dolls.
Teacher: Frowning Francis
Class begins September 12, 2014

Price: $45.00 

Wee Witch
Little witch cloth doll
By June Crawford

Price: $29.00 

Take Flight
Online Class with Linda Misa
Doll with paperclay face

Price: $30.00 

Artful Lettering
Artful Lettering with Judy Skeel
Class starts October 3, 2014

Price: $50.00 

Harvest Queen
Dimensional wall art
Online class with Judy Skeel
Class starts September 5, 2014

Price: $50.00 

Embellishing 101
Have fun with new techniques
Online class with Judy Skeel
Class begins September 19, 2014

Price: $45.00 

Grandma's Flying Lessons
Grandma and baby fae, 14" and 6" tall, cloth
Online class with Marilyn Halcomb

Price: $49.00 

7-9” tall mushroom cloth doll
Designer: Paula McGee

Price: $25.00 

8" Fairy doll class
Starts June 27
Designer: Paula McGee

Price: $40.00 

Yvette - All About Costuming
Learn how to costume on a doll you make in this class with Edwina Sutherland

Price: $45.00 
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