1¼ yd Snap Tape (precut)
The Polyester Snap Tape
Price: $10.00 

12mm Buttonhole Cutter Set
12mm Buttonhole cutter Set -For straight and key hole buttonholes. Kit contains: Cutter knife, Circular cutter, & hardwood cutting block
Price: $10.50 

A great notion to insert elastic into waistbands of pants and skirts. It can also be used for drawing cords through casings.

Slide the ring up toward top of the bodkin, insert elastic or cording between the tweezers teeth. Slide the ring toward the teeth to tighten bodkin. I have found the 3" long bodkin to be an easier way to insert elastic and cording than using a safety pin.

Price: $3.50 

Chalkoner - White $15.75 each. No more messy fingers or sharpening. The powdered chalk is encapsulated in a wafer thin black heart-shaped plastic case. A serrated wheel located in its tip allows a very fine line to be drawn.
Price: $15.75 

Fusible Web
The tape has a film-like heat sensitive adhesive tape with a paper release paper. Also known as CUTTING CORNERS' Oh2Sew Paper Release Fusible Web.
Price: $6.00 

Iron-on Straight Tape - White and black - 3/8 " wide at $11.00 per 20 yard roll. This is ideal for a suits roll line. Same product as IRON ON STRAIGHT tape on the INTERFACING page.
Price: $11.00 

Iron-on Bias Tape - White and black - 3/8" wide $11.00 per 20 yard roll.Same product as IRON-ON-BIAS tape on the INTERFACING page.
Price: $11.00 

Kai® Scissors
In a history dating back over 90 years, the KAI group, based in Tokyo, is renowned for its superbly functional, incisive and durable cutting tools and related products.

These traits have positioned KAI's products among the world's best. The common denominator - quality and perfection - is based on the centuries-old tradition and culture of the Japanese Samurai sword smithy.

KAI's product line is among the leading cutlery manufacturers worldwide.

These are GREAT SCISSORS, the perfect addition to your scissors collection. They're sharp enough to cut through any fabric and small enough for perfect control. I highly recommend them for the lines in your faux chenille

All the KAI scissors and shears have the following important features:
• The blades are made of high carbon stainless steel – high durability and long time cutting performance.
• The blade tongues extended to the grip ends – high stability and better cutting balance.
• Tension adjustable screws – to adjust tension with ease.

Price: $0.00 

Kai® Scissors
The 7000 Series is the next generation of professional tailoring shears. The blades are made of AUS8A stainless steel (hardened up to 58±1 HRC) and have a thickness of 3.7 mm – 4 mm. The shears have an elegant matt finished anti-glare surface and the patented duplex interlock fastener. The screws are heat treated and hardened up to 45±1 HRC.

The 7000 Series was honored with the IF Design Award 2005.

Price: $0.00 

My Favorite Shoulder Pad
½” Covered Raglan Shoulder Pad. Molded Polyfoam inside. Tricot knit cover. The bra strap is placed between the soft hook and loop tape on the bottom of the pad. Machine wash or dry cleanable.
Price: $9.00 

SOFT - STITCH THROUGH ELASTIC - White and NOW IN BLACK! 1 1/2" wide. SOLD IN 10 YARD LENGTHS FOR $14.00 This elastic is the only one to use for 'One-Seam' pants, 'Easy, Ageless, Cool' pants, 'Discover Something Novel' pants, 'My Swing Set' 'In the Trenches' and 'Relax a Little' skirts. This elastic should be cut at least 9" to 12" smaller than your waist measurement and will still feel very comfortable when worn. For larger waists, the elastic could be cut at 13"-15" smaller. Always check to see it the finished amount will slip over your hips easily.
Price: $14.00 

Pocket Template
Four curves (0.4 , 0.6 , 0.8 , 1.2 ) to help you make great patch pockets every time. This is a tool you will reach for again and again.
Price: $7.50 

Point Turner
Use to turn corners and points. Ideal for feeding fabric toward needle while machine stitching.
Price: $3.50 

Pounding Block/Point presser
Pounding Block/Point presser and Tailors clapper - $35.00 Combination tool for pressing seams open and flatting seams and edges. (additional $7.00 will be added to your order for shipping)
Price: $35.00 

Quilting Needles
size 11 Louise recommends this needle for almost all of your sewing needs. It is the ‘old fashioned' sharp needle. Combined with 100% cotton thread in your sewing machine (top and bobbin) your stitching will have more professional quality. $5.50 pkg of 5.
Price: $5.50 

SimFlex Gauge
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Measures multiple equal distances.

I have found the SimFlex Gauge makes it much easier to space my buttons and the button holes. Flex gauge to the desired distance between buttons or buttonholes. Using the points and slots on the gauge, mark the position for buttons and buttonholes with chalk or washable marker.Use it for hooks, eyes, dress pleats, drapery pleats, and tucks. Measure accurate bias or straight strips. Expands to 24".

Price: $20.00 

Steam-a-Seam 2 - 1/4"
STEAM-A-SEAM 2 IS NOW IN STOCK!!!!! 1/4” x 40 yards. Is pressure sensitive on both sides which allows for a temporary hold until ironed for a permanent no-sew bond.
Price: $5.50 

The Best Glasshead Dressmaker Pins
The best dressmaker straight pins with glass heads from Japan 200 count to a box
Price: $9.25 

True-Grip Tweezers
True-Grip Tweezers - One of the few tweezers I've found to have a very sharp point to help pick out threads.
Price: $7.50