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Woodless Coloring Pencil Set 12pc       Woodless Coloring Pencil Set 12pc
Sku #:1114-12A

General's® Factis® PlastiPasteel® Woodless Coloring Pencils are smooth, and create bold colors as well as ligther tones. The PlastiPastel® rich, smooth coloring formula draws easily in coloring books and on finer art papers.

PlastiPastel® Woodless Coloring Pencils are fun and versatile, since artists can draw with the hex sides and with the sharpened point.

They work like a traditional coloring pencil and a woodless coloring pencil, but can be blended and layered like pastels. They are cleaner and an artists alternative to crayons and pastels. Easy to hold, the comfortable hex shape design makes this the great choice for ages 8 to 108.

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