Specializing in 100% hand dyed wool and innovative crazy quilting stitch designs!

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Botanical Sketchbook Pattern

Price: $35.00    

Bringing Home the Tree

Price: $28.00    

By the Sea

Price: $18.00    

Cat Crazy

Price: $17.00    

Dog Crazy

Price: $18.00    

Flagler and Caw

Price: $18.00    


Price: $13.00    

How Does Your Garden Grow

Price: $30.00    

Lazy Ewes

Price: $15.00    

Nest Pattern

Price: $10.00    

Oak 'n Berry

Price: $10.00    

The Bird Tree

Price: $16.00    

Wool Ark Crazy

Price: $17.00    

Wool Christmas Crazy

Price: $14.00    

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