Flannel Quilt Kits

Square Within A Square Flannel Sofa Quilt Kit

56" x 80" Square within a Square Flannel Sofa Qult Kit

Features a size large enough to cover you from head to toe! 

Price: $79.00    
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Deer in the Woods
Flannel sofa size kit 60" x 80" includes all fabric for the top
Price: $89.00 per kit   
In Stock (6)

Homespun and Flannel Rag Quilt Kit
Big snuggly flannel and homespun sofa quilt
Price: $69.00 per kit   
In Stock (6)

Peaches n' Cream Flannel Sofa Quilt Kit

51" x 69"  Flannel Sofa Quilt Kit.

Price: $69.00    
In Stock (12)

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