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Harper's Owner: Elaine Johnson
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My First Sewing Class Plus
6 hours of learning the basics of sewing and how to operate a sewing machine and create a simple project with confidence.
Level: 8 & 9 year olds
Cost: $90, Supplies Included

Little Sew N Sews
Little Sew N Sews
This class expands and perfects sewing skills with machine & pattern.
Level: 8-10 Year Olds + Pre-requisite: My First Sewing Class Plus/Youth Studio
Cost: $110, Supplies Included

Fashion Sewing 100
Complete a simple garment to wear while learning about fit, patterns, sewing machine operation and sewing tool knowledge
Level: 10+ years
Cost: $140, Supplies included

Fashion Sewing 200
Create an individual fashion project based upon skill building. 3 new skills could include zipper, collar, facings, pockets, waistband, sleeves, cuffs, interfacing, lining, pattern etc. Project selected with instructor’s assistance and approval.
Level: 10+ years + Previous sewing/quilting experience/Fashion Sewing 100)
Cost: $140, Supplies included

Quilting 100
Quilting 100
Learn basic quilting techniques while creating a T-Shirt and/or photo transfer pillow case. Bring your own t-shirt or take a picture and we will print on photo fabric, to make a block. We will create one or both using quilting techniques for your pillowcase.
Level: 10+ years
Cost: $140, Supplies Included (Student provides digital photo & T-Shirt.)

Quilting 200
Quilting 200
With 12 hours of instruction create this quilt from the Beginning to End. Learn design, accurate piecing, appliqué & quilting by machine.
Level: 10+ years + Previous sewing/quilting experience/Quilting 100
Cost: $170, Includes Kit

Youth Sewing Studio
Youth Sewing Studio
Join us for an afternoon of sewing fun. This class is for youth sewing artists to start new projects or complete projects while building on their sewing skills.
Level: Pre-Requisite My First Sewing Class or summer camp
Instructor: Joyce Spaulding/Morgan Moberg
Cost: $28

My First Sewing Class
My First Sewing Class
This class is designed to introduce the sewing machine to beginning youth (8-15). Operation of a sewing machine includes threading, bobbin winding and installation, identification of proper settings, completing straight stitching and troubleshooting. Students bring their own machine or borrow one of ours. This class is a pre-requisite to Youth Studio, unless you have been to a youth studio in the last quarter or summer camp.
Level: Beginner
Instructor: Elaine Johnson
Cost: $25


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