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Grandma's Attic hosts a wide variety of classes, from those for the novice up through advanced level material. Taught by well-qualified teachers, you will develop new skills, learn to use up-to-date equipment, and participate in class discussions. Register online or call the shop at 503-623-0451.

Stories of Old Oregon Quilt Club - Towns and Founders
Learn the fascinating history of how many of the towns in Oregon were founded--how they got their names, their early history, prominent citizens of the day, and beginnings of each town's commerce and industry. You'll receive quilt block patterns, an informational newsletter and other handouts. After each session there is a fabulous FREE lunch of soup, salad and dessert. Click on the picture above to view more information about this club.

Price: $10.00 Start Up Fee   

Basic Beginner Blocks Class
Start at any time! Everyone was a beginner at one time or another! And what better way to learn the absolute basics of quilt making than with Aunt Cheryl. With over 20 years of quilting experience, she's seen it, sewn it, ripped it out and sewn it over again! Taking you step-by-step (and patiently) through a variety of simple quilt blocks, Cheryl will teach you accurate measuring, cutting and sewing methods, working with you one-on-one until you gain the skills and confidence that you need to be a confident beginner. Once your quilt blocks are constructed, you'll learn how to add sashing and borders to create your very own quilt top. Speak with Cheryl to get started at any time! Cheryl Libby, Instructor; Fall Dates: Fridays, Sept. 18; Oct. 16; Nov. 20 & Dec. 18; 10:00 am--4:00 pm. First Class includes cost of book; then $5.00 per session after that.

Price: $30.00 per session   

Basic Clothing Construction
Choose any pattern you want to make. Mare will show you how easy it is to make clothing for yourself. You'll learn the basics of clothing construction, as well as how to customize the pattern to suit your own unique personality. If you've ever wanted to learn how to sew clothing, this is your class. Mare Goeger, Instructor. Four Sessions: Sept. 12; Oct. 21, Nov. 14 & Dec. 19; 10:00 am--4:00 pm. (Two classes are only $25.)

Price: $15.00 per class   

Beginning Machine Applique
Learn the basics of fusible web/machine applique as you create a set of four dishtowels--apple, lemon, pumpkin and peach. Cheryl will show you how to perfect your stitches as you make beautiful gifts for family and friends. Cheryl Libby, Instructor. Tuesdays, Sept. 8, Oct. 6, Nov. 3 & Dec. 1; 10:00 am--3:00 pm.

Price: $10.00    

Beginning Machine Quilting Class
In this informative class, you will learn the basics of Machine Quilting. You will practice machine guided quilting using a walking foot. Instruction includes practice stopping, starting, cross hatching, stitch in the ditch and more. Students will also learn basics of stippling and free motion, while learning to control stitch length and speed. Cheryl Libby, Instructor. 4 Thursdays, June 18; July 16; Aug. 20 & Sept. 17; 10:00 am--4:00 pm. Class fee includes book for first class; then $5 per session for next three sessions.

Price: $30.00    

Beginning Needle Turn Applique
Using a gorgeous butterfly block from Patti-Ann Publications' Batik Butterflies book, Esther will take you step-by-step through easy and accurate hand applique methods of quiltmaking. She'll help you learn this beautiful method of traditional needle turn applique. Esther Harrison, Instructor. Tuesday, November 17; 10:00 am--3:00 pm.

Price: $20.00    

Binding Basics Class
Now that you've had your project quilted, you'll want to enhance its beauty and value with the binding technique quilt judges look for when evaluating a quilt. And since the way you bind your quilt can make or break how it looks, Esther will show you how you create the perfect finish for your quilt creations. Esther Harrison, Instructor. Two sessions available: 10:00 am--3:00 pm. Class fee includes instructions.

Select Sessions

Price: $20.00    


Cranberry Chutney Quilt Class
Here's a fun technique with a modern twist. Arlene will show you how to take a six inch block and make it into a woven wonder to create unique quilt blocks and quilt. This one is really fun. Arlene Kovash, Instructor, two sessions available.

Select Session

Price: $30.00 per session   


Crazy Quilt Club
Grandma's Attic invites you to join our Crazy Quilt Club! Together, we will explore this late 19th Century method of creating quilt blocks that are uniquely your own design. We will explore sewing techniques, hand embroidery stitches and fancy embellishments. Bring any project you're working on. (Any hand needlework craft is welcome.) Cheryl will provide assistance and inspiration. Cheryl Libby; Facilitator. 3rd Thursday, Sept. 17; Oct. 15; Nov. 19 & Dec. 17; 4:00-9:00 pm.

Price: $5.00    

Embroidery Club - Machine Embroidery with Alice
If you love free motion embroidery, you will love the opportunity to sew with Embroidery Artist Alice Morris each month. Her Free Motion Machine Embroidery Club explores embroidery techniques. Alice helps you build your skills and the camaraderie cannot be beat! Note: Free Motion Machine Embroidery is a pre-requisite for joining this club. Alice Morris, Instructor. Fall Sessions: Tuesdays, Sept. 1; Oct. 6; Nov. 3 & Dec. 1; 9:30-Noon.

Price: $5.00 per session   
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