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Butterflies in the Garden
Sku #: BBD107
Pattern, Butterflies in the Garden, Brenda Barb Designs, 43 x 55", quilting

Price: $9.00 each   

Sku #: 700600525438
Pattern, Cascade, Bear Hug Quiltworks, Lisa Routh Alley, quilting

Price: $8.00 each   

Celebrate Pattern
Sku #: QB3
Celebrate, Flag Wall Hanging 14x36", QBee Quilting Lodge Original

Price: $8.00 each   

Chinese Penny - Pattern
Sku #: SASH1225
Pattern, Chinese Penny, Two Sisters, Squirrel Hollow, 57-1/2" x 57-1/2", quilting

Price: $9.00 each   

Cubit Pattern
Sku #: STS131P
Cubit Pattern, Modern 3D quilt, Stitched Together Studios, 45 x 45", quilting

Price: $9.00 each   

Elisa's Backporch Design
Sku #: EBD02
Elisa's Backport Design Templates, 8" Rainbow Block Templates, Includes Pattern, use with rotary cutter, easy sewing directions

Price: $24.95 each   

Fire and Ice
Sku #: SM116
Fire and Ice - Quilting Discoveries, Susan Mayer, pattern

Price: $9.00 each   

Full Circle Pattern
Sku #: SBI1905
Pattern, Full Circle, Sew Be It, Cheryl Wittmayer, Fusible Applique, quilting

Price: $11.99 each   

Grizzly Gulch Gallery Pattern
Sku #: GGG RAD
Grizzly Gulch Gallery, Radiance, Ann Lauer, Wall - King Sizes

Price: $10.00 each   

Hunter's Design Studio
Sku #: HDS019
Hunter's Design Studio, Bloomin, Paper Piecing Pattern, 60 x 85"

Price: $10.00 each   
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