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Wool Hand Applique

A Garden Intruder
Sku #: A Garden Intruder
Summer: Rabbit, Primitive, Whimsical, Wool Appliqué PATTERN,

Price: $15.00 per pattern

Sku #: GLP2
10" x 20" framed or woolen mat can be made with this fun Cabin sign.Lettering is in logs that make it even more fun.

Price: $10.00 

Sku #: GLP2k
Kit includes all of the wool components that are need to make this cute sign of a country cabin in the woods.

Price: $47.00 each

Gifts of the Season
Sku #: Gifts of the Season
Wool Appliqué Pattern, Christmas, Rabbit, Birds, Squirrel

Price: $15.00 per pattern

Marsh Fairy
Sku #: GLP4
This little table topper is 11 1/2" x 29". It shows the bull rushes with a dragon fly.

Price: $9.00 

Marsh Fairy Kit
Sku #: GLP4
This beautiful table mat will make any table inviting. 11 1/2" x 29" in size. All of the wool for the wool components are included in this kit.

Price: $31.00 

Pick Your Own
Sku #: GLP3
This fun 13" round mat depicts little strawberries with their flowers and leave scattered over a black background.

Price: $10.00 

Pick Your Own Kit
Sku #: GLP3
All of the wool needed to complete the wool components of the cute table mat. 13" round in size. These fun little strawberries will make any table look inviting.

Price: $29.00 

Sku #: BHD2037
8in x 14in wool applique pillow pattern.

Price: $6.50 Each

Summertime Sampler Pattern
Sku #: Summertime Sampler
Erica Kaprow turns up the volume on traditional wool applique with her brilliant jewel-tone summer sampler. If you can sew three basic hand stitches, you'll learn just how fun it is to applique these whimsical wool designs—at home or on the go! Each of the 12 must-have summer blocks is featured on an individual pattern sheet.

Price: $17.95 Each

The Pumpkin Patch
Sku #: The Pumpkin Patch
Bunny Rabbit, Fall Pumpkins, Harvest Autumn Colors, Wool Appliqué

Price: $15.00 per pattern

Up North
Sku #: GLP1
15" round mat with a north woods theme showing trees, animals and camping items.

Price: $9.00 ea

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