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QuiltSmart Primrose Instructions       QuiltSmart Primrose Instructions
Sku #:55559440

"Flower inspired quilt patterns have been with us since the beginning of quiltmaking. Many date back to over a hundred years ago. And just as flowers have always been a favorite subject of quilters, so has the primrose been a favorite of flower enthusiasts. Using Quiltsmart printed fusible interfacing, this quilt can become a reality, not just a dream. Appliqué work can be a scary thought to quilters. Traditionally, appliqué­ing flowers to a background could take hours and hours. That is something most of us are short of these days. Quiltsmart has taken all of the fear factor out of appliqué work. Quiltsmart replaced the tediousness with simplicity. With this method, even a beginner can achieve perfect results the first time."

Price: $9.95 ea

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