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Bargello Wallhanging
Bargello Wallhanging Price: $40.00 

Bargello Wallhanging

Level: Intermediate - Experienced If you can sew straight, you can make this project.

Licensed Sulky Class: Yes

This class is the first “live” video of me demonstrating how to make the Bargello Wallhanging. In the Bargello Wallhanging class you will learn a non-traditional approach to creating a beautiful quilted background for your wallhanging. This concept alone is so easy and you'll discover that you can incorporate this technique into your future projects. The traditional bargello look is the inspiration for the background, with a staggered twist. You will learn about color theory and how it applies to selecting and arranging fabrics for your background. However, you can make your wallhanging in any colors you choose that matches your personality, decor and style. I will show you how to cleverly plan, prepare and practice to do your own free motion quilting. My techniques will build your confidence and set you up for success. You will be very happy with your results. You'll do enough free motion quilting to step outside of your comfort zone before you learn how to design “complelx” straight stitching quilting motifs. To design the motifs, you'll use some tools you already have, and probably did not know how to use them. While sewing the various parts of the Bargello Wallhanging, you'll be introduced to several presser feet that help make various tasks easy with professional results. I'll teach you another technique that allows us to put the final touches on the wallhanging that makes it appear like we made this wallhanging the good old-fashioned way. At the end, I'll show you how you can schedule a little extra time for yourself by introducing you to some stunning complex appliqué designs that will make others think you spent a lot of time working on them. It's like cooking a full meal in the microwave!

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Non-traditional approach to creating a quilted background; Mimmic traditional bargello look with a staggered twist; Landscape color theory; Simple techniques to set you up for success so YOU can do your own free motion quilting; Design complex straight stitching quilting motifs using tools you already have; Learn how different presser feet can make sewing easy and fun; Add the final touches to non-tradtional approach so it looks like we did it the old-fashioned way; Work with a variety of Sulky threads; Learn how to properly set your machine up to avoid aggravation when sewing with metallic threads; Learn how to schedule some time for yourself by using an innovative appliqué product; and Much, much more!!!

Downloadable files in the Bargello Wallhanging: PDF:  Detailed instructions PDF:  Handy “living” checklist with helpful links Downloadable Movies

Files added to your Techniques and Sulky Products Library include: Movie:  Free Motion Sewing/Quilting Movie:  Sulky Cotton Blendables and Solid Color Cotton Threads Movie:  Sulky Metallic Thread Movie: Sewing Machine Variables & Troubleshooting

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