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On The Go Travel Tray
On The Go Travel Tray Price: $20.00 
Level: Beginner

Licensed Sulky Class: Yes

Who knew something so FUN-ctional could be so easy to make! This class will teach you to how to sew successfully with Sulky's metallic threads. You will also learn how to "create fabric" using your machine's built-in decorative stitches. You will also see the SnapSetter in action and how easy it is to apply snaps. This project will inspire you to get more organized. In the end, you will make a very simple yet practical collapsible fabric covered tray that you can take with you everywhere. Not only is this tray great for you, you can alter it to make a convenient travel food or water bowl for your favorite pet.
True Story: A similar leather tray was recently spotted at an upscale department store for $80!!! I personalized a fabric version of the tray with a monogram and gave it to my friend as a gift. She ordered several more trays from me to give to her family members as gifts!!!

Featured Sulky Products:

Original Metallic Thread
Cotton Blendables Thread
Fuse 'N Stitch Stabilizer
Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive

Set up your sewing machine and sew with decorative metallic threads
Learn how to troubleshoot problems you may encounter with these threads
Create fabric using your sewing machine's built-in decorative stitches
Sew successfully with metallic threads
Properly stabilize fabric
Maintain an even seam allowance
Properly turn your project right side out and achieve sharp corner
Helpful tricks to seamlessly finish the opening
Add a professional looking edge stitch around the tray
Learn how to use the SnapSetter tool to attach beautifully decorative snaps
How to sew buttons on with your sewing machine
Learn how to sew a buttonhole

Downloadable files in the On the Go Travel Tray Classroom:

PDF: Instructions
PDF: Checklist
Movie & PDF: On the Go Travel Tray Part 1
Movie & PDF: On the Go Travel Tray Part 2
Movie: Sulky Original Metallic Threads
Movie: Machine Variables and Troubleshooting Analysis
Movie: Sulky Cotton Blendables Thread
Movie: Sulky Fuse 'N Stitch Stabilizer

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