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Lone Star(Mattie Rhoades Haines, Thur 1pm-5pm) Price: $45.00 
Hands on workshop. Sewing machines provided. New updated class description. Lone Star with Quiltsmart Printed Interfacing - Scrappy wall hanging. This Lone Star is made with absolutely NO Y seams and NO diamonds. This is all rectangles made into this wonderful Lone Star. Our 38" Lone Star is revolutionary! Intersections match effortlessly! No biases - quick to cut and sew! Engineered, accurate, printed sewing lines! And - 2.5" strip friendly! Mattie Rhoades Haines, Quiltsmart Founder & President, will be here to teach you this tried and true method! Fast, Fun & Smart! Class Kit: Quiltsmart 38" Lone Star Instructions, 4 panels Lone Star Interfacing (Interfacing available to purchase for more).

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Supply List:
Supply List: 1/2 yard each of 4 colors, cut into 2.5" strips OR [20] 2.5" strips in a variety of colors. Background: 1.25 yards. Optional additional border: 1 yard (we will not be using that in class). Binding: (4) 2.5" strips (we will not be doing the quilting or binding in class) Helpful tools: The Applique Pressing Sheet, cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler.