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Galaxy & Chameleon Riri Zippers
Galaxy & Chameleon Riri Zippers

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Price: $11.99 
Galaxy & Chameleon - Riri Zippers designed by Lyla Messinger

teeth size: 6mm

Galaxy available in 7" & 22" ONLY Chameleon available in 7", 12"& 16" ONLY 7" zippers are closed end. 12", 16" zippers are separating.

Styles: The Galaxy is simply out of this world! It is already a best seller, with gorgeous teeth in nine different metals. The pull is copper with a titanium pull. The tape color is a rich black to set the metal sparkling.

The 22" version of this beauty features a round pull of the same metals as the other zippers. The added bonus is that the puller makes the zipper totally reversible when the puller flips from one side to the other. This is the perfect compliment to a reversible jacket.

Dye the Chameleon zipper tape to any color! It is made with a cotton tape prepared for dye. The teeth are a gorgeous mix of nine types of metal. The pull is copper with a titanium tab. The metals will not absorb the dye. A custom look is yours by adding a bit of color! The zipper is also beautiful as is, white with mixed metal teeth.