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The Applique Pressing Sheet (13" x 17") Rolled Package Price: $14.99 
This is the One and Only, The Appliqué Pressing Sheet.  This double-sided sheet is made from a ultra high temperature fabric and is coated with non-stick Polylon.  This large 13" x 17" release all sheet is guaranteed for 5 years.  Instructions for its multi-uses and a free appliqué pattern are included. (346822 bytes)

The Appliqué Pressing Sheet has many uses.

CRAFT SHEET & PAINTING SURFACE -- The Appliqué Pressing Sheet is a great crafting surface.  This non-stick surface is great for hot glue guns, glue melts, wax designs, stiffening fabric, glue projects, rubber stamps, and embossing.  It works great for kids' crafts.  Also great as a paint pallet.  Paint peels off when dry.  Clean up is a breeze. (328405 bytes)IRONING BOARD PROTECTOR -- Use The Appliqué Pressing Sheet on top of your ironing board to protect its surface from fusible web fabrics, iron-on interfacing and the print from paper piecing patterns.

FUSING APPLIQUÉ -- The transparent construction of The Appliqué Pressing Sheet allows you to see your pattern through the sheet to use as a placement guide while you fuse your overlapping design together into one unit.  Fusible web fabrics such as Wonder Under, Aleen's, Heat-n-Bond, and Steam-a-Seam peel right off.

BAKING SHEET -- You may also use the sheet in the oven to bake shrink-art, clay projects and salt dough ornaments.

FREE Pattern -- Every Appliqué Pressing Sheet comes with this FREE full size Country Angel pattern.