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French Braid Quilt Wednesday, February 28th
French Braid Quilt
Wednesday, February 28th

Class time

Price: $35.00 per class
Love those french braid quilts, but don't know where to begin? Join Suzy as she helps you create the most stunning braid quilt ever. She will help you with your first row and then you will be off and running.
Class Fees/Registration: Payment in full is required at sign up. Please register at the shop or online to reserve your space.
Cell Phone: Please turn your phone to vibrate/silent during class.
Cancellations: If you cancel within 3 business days you may receive a full refund on the class for future classes.
Class Guidelines: In order to make this class a success, we ask that students refrain from discussing topics that might offend other fellow students as well as the wearing of perfume.
As with all our classes, smoking is prohibited and drinks should be placed in a cup with a lid. Out of respect for our instructors and students, we do not allow non-students in the classroom.
Supplies listed below:

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Supply List:
Pattern: French Braid by Eleanor Burns
Sewing machine in good working condition (please note, we cannot work on machines during class).
Jelly roll or 40 2-1/2" strips x 42"
border fabric as per pattern
normal sewing supplies
rotary cutter and mat
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