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Insulated Bottle Tote Blender and Shimmer Fabrics




Strap clip

Strap color

Price: Buy 1-17 at retail or 18 or more any size at $10 each
Insulated Bottle Tote blender/shimmer at Pat on the Back Select your canvas, fabric, size, and strap options from the pull-down menus above
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Blender fabrics Shimmer fabrics for your bottle tote

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Stitch circle teal
Small containers
What size do you need?
  • Small capacity = 500 - 750ml (16-25.7 oz.)
    Normally fits 16-25 oz. water bottles, up to 25 oz. stainless containers including hydro flask
    Sometimes larger capacity containers will fit if they're skinnier. The most popular size
  • Medium capacity normally fits from 32-33 oz. (quart/liter) water bottles and many stainless containers including 40 oz. hydro flask
  • Large normally fits liter and a half (50.7 oz.) water bottles -
    Check images to see if your favorite water is this large - wine/champagne will fit
  • SQUAT liter/quart (32-33 oz.) water bottles - Nalgene, tupperware, and other refillable containers

Canvas colors

Canvas colors
Medium containers
Medium containers
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  • Great gift for all ages
  • Keep beverage cool or warm for hours!
  • Adjustable strap to wear across chest, off shoulder, around waist
  • Clip your keys onto the strap, or clip the strap onto a bag or knapsack
  • Fully detachable strap option - only $1 extra
  • ID sized pocket
  • Made to last - quality engineered
  • Made with polypropylene straps for durability, heat-resistant cloth for best insulation, Heirloom premium batting, and tough hardware
  • Custom made by Pat since 1996
Large Containers
Large Containers - Click for closeup
Squat containers
Squat containers
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