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Sales Tax:

Orders placed from within the Province of British Columbia will be subject to a 5% Tax on Fabric cut off the bolt and books.  All other items will be charged 5% G.S.T and 7% P.S.T.

Orders from outside British Columbia but from within Canada will be subject to the following – H.S.T Provinces will be charged the applicable tax of the province – Non H.S.T provinces will be charged 5% GST. Sales tax does not apply on US and international orders but orders from outside of Canada may be subject to the individual country's customs duties and taxes.

Yardage Conversion Chart:

We sell in metric, but are happy to convert yards to meters for you. Please contact us with any questions! The following is an approximate conversion chart for your reference. One metre is equal to approximately 39.5 inches.
Yards Metres
1/4 yard .2 of a metre (20 centimetres)
1/2 yard .4 of a metre ( 40 centimetres)
3/4 yard .7 of a metre (70 centimetres)
1 yard .9 of a metre (90 centimetres)